Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Once upon a dream, I was in love. With plans so grand we’d run away, shave our scalps and warm each other; someday we would return.

A dream it seems it must have been, for this unseemly scene was not redeemed. What now remains is in between, life and something else. What now remains is me.

Alas the sun is long since set; nevertheless, I think fondly of its glow.

        image : ying ang

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


It’s a sky the shadow of suicide's lips
The boisterous curls of defiant youth
A faded colour swatch
The instant recoil from a fiery furnace
An ashen face licked clean by childbirth
The dewy flush of opportunity
A second-storey window seat
The oppressive gait of an old man diminished
A devastating change of heart
The tolling peals of twilight laughter
Thievery in the abbey
The rigid resilience of an early bloom
Your father's eyes siphoned dry of grief
A love anchored and bound
A weary sun engulfed by belligerent ocean
A pleading surrender
All the heat you've ever known
At once reduced to frost