Sunday, 1 April 2012


I walk in to find
You lose your beautiful mind
Fingers spill all over your face
I see you not seeing the light
I see you give up your last fight

A single ray becomes a fragmented spectre
I burst in in time
To watch you drown your poor harrowed mind
I will not stay for the slaughter
I cannot stay as the vultures feast

I leap up too late
As you whittle away
The fraying edge of your heart
Leaving only a jutting lip
Falling away to a baleful precipice

I show up in time
To find you lose your only true way
You flicker like an ember in a sandstorm
Heavy as a bag of dust ground from the marrow
Of your demons come to pass

You turn cold
Not the you I once knew
You draw a ragged breath of uncertainty
Begin your laboured descent
A selective fall from grace

I watch you disappear
I know you’ll be back
Even now
I hope you come back

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